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Meet The Leadership

With drive and dedication, nearly any employee at APD can become an Owner. Our Owners are a dedicated group committed to the success and betterment of APD.

Please meet our leadership team.

Daniel Sargent
CEO & President
Michael Hochadel
Managing Principal & Executive Vice President
Brent Powell, Vice President of Operations
Brent Powell
Vice President of Operations
Christopher Kambar
Senior Principal of Civil Engineering
John Wallington
Senior Principal of Architecture
Todd Markevicz
Senior Principal of Civil Engineering
Amanda_Speranza_2022_08_02_4x4 Small
Amanda Speranza-Kelly
Principal of Architecture
Adam Noga: Associate Principal of Architecture
Adam Noga
Principal of Architecture
Brian Grinnell: Associate Principal of Architectre
Brian Grinnell
Principal of Architecture
Robert Zupack Senior Associate Principal of Structural Engineering
Robert Zupack
Senior Associate Principal of Structural Engineering
Steven Flint: Associate Principal of Structural Engineering
Steven Flint
Associate Principal of Structural Engineering
Kenneth Rea, Associate principal of mechanical, engineering, and plumbing (MEP) engineering
Kenneth Rea
Associate Principal of MEP Engineering
Samantha Gardner: Architect
Samantha Gardner
Associate Principal of Architecture
Troy Lafler: Chief Financial Officer
Troy Lafler
Chief Financial Officer
Sarah Sarkar, Director of Human Resources
Sarah Sarkar, SHRM-SCP
Director of Human Resources

Meet Our People

APD is proud of the fact that we hire staff that have excellent skills in their trade and are also always smiling. Their ability to complete our client’s projects skillfully is something that makes our clients smile.

See our Careers page if you think you might be a good fit.

Stephanie Albright: Senior Civil Engineer
Stephanie Albright
Senior Civil Engineer
Vanessa Banks: Project Lead
Vanessa Banks
Project Lead
Alexis Blair
Senior Project Designer
Andrew Cassick: Project Lead
Andrew Cassick
Project Lead
Alicia Cologgi: Permitting Coordinator
Alicia Cologgi
Permit Coordinator
Jon Daniels Civil Designer.
Jon Daniels
Civil Designer
Jim Davis: Senior Project Lead
Jim Davis
Senior Project Lead
Bill Devos: Senior Architect
Bill Devos
Senior Architect
Meghan Dixon, senior project designer
Meghan Dixon
Senior Project Designer
Brianna Fagan
Candy Falk: Licensing Coordinator and Office Administrator
Candy Falk
Licensing Coordinator & Office Administrator
David Goldstein: Senior Project Designer
David Goldstein
Senior Project Designer
Sara Hall: Senior Project Designer
Sara Hall
Senior Project Designer
Skye Hansen: Civil Designer
Skye Hansen
Civil Designer
Noah Hare: Project Designer
Noah Hare
Project Designer
Abby Heselton, project designer
Abby Heselton
Project Designer
Thomas Huchzermeier: Senior Architect
Thomas Huchzermeier
Senior Architect
Scott Kantar, Mechanical senior project lead
Scott Kantar
Mechanical Senior Project Lead
Mazin Khairi: Electrical Designer
Mazin Khairi
Electrical Designer
Matthew Kinnally, Project Designer
Matthew Kinnally
Project Designer
Chris LaBar: Project Designer
Chris LaBar
Project Designer
Jennifer Lathrop: Marketing Coordinator
Jennifer Lathrop
Marketing Coordinator
Michael Lempert: Senior Project Lead
Michael Lempert
Senior Project Lead
Jessica Lightfoote, Senior Accountant.
Jessica Lightfoote
Senior Accountant
Gina Lincoln: Senior Accountant
Gina Lincoln
Senior Accountant
Rich Llanos: Civil Designer
Richie Llanos
Civil Designer
John Lynch
Project Lead
Kim Maloy: Structural Engineer
Kim Maloy
Structural Engineer
Sean McBride, electrical designer
Sean McBride
Electrical Designer
Bob McCormick: Senior Architect
Bob McCormick
Senior Architect
Widya McQuaid: Financial Analyst
Widya McQuaid
Financial Analyst
Nick Mulrain: Mechanical Plumbing Designer
Nick Mulrain
Senior Mechanical Designer
Erin Noger, Marketing Intern
Erin Noger
Marketing Intern
Karen Ochsenhirt: Electrical Designer
Karen Ochsenhirt
Electrical Designer
Steve Palmeri: Senior Architect
Steve Palmeri
Senior Architect
Parris Jordan: Structural Designer
Jordan Parris
Structural Designer
Alex Roberts, senior project designer
Alex Roberts
Senior Project Designer
Aneesh Rughwani: Project Designer.
Aneesh Rughwani
Project Designer
Austin Short: Senior Project Lead
Austin Short
Senior Project Lead
Dan Smith: Structural Engineer
Dan Smith
Structural Engineer
Nick Spaziani: Senior Project Lead
Nick Spaziani
Senior Project Lead
Sean Stonelake: SeniorArchitect
Sean Stonelake
Senior Architect
Kingston Su: Senior Structural Designer
Kingston Su
Senior Structural Designer
Jon Tran_2023_06_19_4x6
Jonathan Tran
Mechanical CADD Technician
Kyle Twombly smiling
Kyle Twombley
Civil Designer
Michael Verrastro: Senior Architect
Michael Verrastro
Senior Architect
Timothy Warren: Senior Project Designer
Tim Warren
Senior Project Designer
Jeremy Weeden
Designer Intern
Dan Weigel: Senior Architect
Dan Weigel
Senior Architect

Be part of our success. Join our team.

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