APD Leadership TEAM

Michael Lempert

Senior Project Lead

“There will always be people who tell you that you can’t. They will not always be wrong, but they will envy that you had the strength to try.”

Like many in the building design community, Michael says he spent much of his childhood designing and playing with Legos and Lincoln logs to create new compounds. He finds that architecture falls somewhere between art and science, a space he has always enjoyed.

Michael believes building relationships with his clients and his team is highly valuable and has been something uniquely special at APD. His day to day revolves around the management of a large part of the Center Valley Division for ALDI, focusing mainly on retrofit stores in existing buildings. At any given time, he has about one to three stores under construction and another eight to fifteen in the queue waiting to launch. In addition to his ALDI work, Michael founded the Fire Escape Inspection department at APD.

Outside of work, Michael enjoys history, writing, classic cars, and running a blog that uncovers unique historical vehicle stories. During the pandemic, Michael and his brother started their own business to use their expertise to help others purchase, sell, transport, and maintain their classic and special-interest collectible cars.


Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University at Buffalo

Master of Architecture, University at Buffalo

Favorite Project

Michael’s favorite project was the new Flagship ALDI Philadelphia site at 1300 Fairmount Avenue. Due to the difficult space, the store layout required a wide range of creative solutions. One of his favorite parts was seeing his initials on the post-construction drawings.

Michael in three words

Creative, old-fashioned, forward-thinking.

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