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Prototype Design

Whether creating an economical and easy to rollout prototype from scratch, modifying current drawings to create a prototype, or managing projects using your existing prototype, APD has the expertise you need to complete your project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Multi-Site Rollout

APD has honed their expertise to a craft when it comes to multi-site rollouts.

3D Rendering

3D Photorealistic images and 3D Architectural Modeling provides a detailed view of a future project, improving communication between developers, engineers, fabricators, architects, and clients.


APD has a dedicated Permitting Department that is skilled at obtaining permits for our clients in an efficient and timely manner.

Fire Escape Inspections

APD offers fire escape inspections to satisfy required code-compliance and safe operation of fire escape equipment.


The Structural Team provides innovative and economical design solutions on projects throughout the US.

Collaborative Technologies

APD uses the latest technologies available to our design professionals, along with our own specialized software, to manage projects and distribute information and designs to the client’s entire project team.

Land Surveying

You can take advantage of the latest cutting-edge surveying and drone technology by utilizing our skilled Survey Team.

Prototype Design and Rollout Services

Prototype Design

Whether creating an economical and efficient prototype from scratch, modifying current drawings to develop a prototype, or managing projects using an existing prototype – APD has the expertise needed to complete your project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

APD’s expertise is in national multi-site roll-out, prototype architecture, and civil support. We have over 25 years of experience working on projects for grocery, food service, auto repair, hospitality, retail, commercial, and multi-tenant clients.

APD is proud to say we have successfully implemented multi-site roll-out programs and developed prototype programs for some of the world’s largest retailers and restaurant clients.

Multi-Site Rollout

APD has honed its expertise to a craft regarding multi-site rollouts. Locally or nationally, APD is equipped with the staff and skills needed to provide comprehensive services for any size rollout. With various clients, APD has provided full national rollouts consisting of 100s of stores and more moderately scaled local and regional rollouts.

Whatever size your rollout may be, APD has the staff and expertise to assist.

  • Architecture
  • Construction Administration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Energy Analysis
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Plumbing Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Analyze/Award Construction Bids
  • Construction Documentation
  • Final Punch List/Turnover Inspections
  • On-Site Construction Observation
  • ADA Assessments
  • Green Globes Professional
  • LEED Certification & Documentation
  • Permit Submittal
  • Site Investigation Reports
  • Warranty Inspection


APD has managed the ALDI prototype program since 2008 including the ALDI Prototype drawings, specifications, and civil design guidelines. They’ve been able to communicate prototype drawings, specifications, and design requirement updates to regional architects across the country, maintaining consistency throughout the ALDI building program. Throughout this time, they’ve lead and assisted with countless research and prototype development initiatives. APD’s skill at project management ensures a high degree of coordination with government entitlements, neighborhood groups, utility companies, and contractors, which is part of the reason why our projects get completed cost effectively and efficiently. APD provides an excellent product within a very competitive budget. It has been my pleasure to work with APD on numerous projects. I would highly recommend APD to any company in the need of architectural or engineering services.


Prototype Development

As a direct result of our success with multi-site rollout programs, clients have selected APD to be their Prototype Architect. In this capacity, APD works closely with our client to develop, maintain, and effectively share the prototype with all stakeholders. APD’s dedicated prototype team integrates our client’s varied and ever-changing requirements into a well-organized set of drawings and specifications. Numerous design options and use of universal design flexibility are incorporated into all prototypes, allowing for efficient use by the site-adapt architect.

We work continuously with our clients to improve store concepts and refine building designs while maintaining their specific criteria and brand identity. Understanding the impact of materials and constructability on efficiency, construction costs and operating costs, we regularly review materials and design details to refine each prototype for our clients.

APD uses collaborative technologies to distribute prototype documents, provide prototype updates, and communicate prototype changes to all members of our clients’ rollout program teams.


National Multi-site Rollouts

APD excels at national multi-site rollouts. Our team of architects and engineers work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and help them best achieve their expansion goals. Our team approach for site-adapting new build, retrofit, renovation, and remodel projects allows us to successfully complete a large volume of projects efficiently, on budget and on schedule, while maintaining a high level of quality. Our experience has given us the ability to quickly adapt prototypes to each location’s specific requirements.

We have completed projects for our clients in many municipalities throughout the nation and have experience with varying building code requirements. In many cases, having previously worked with a local municipality allows us to identify and seamlessly site adapt the prototype to the site-specific location and local permit requirements.

Our use of collaborative technologies allows greater coordination among the entire project team for project management, design, and construction documents.

3D Rendering Services

3D Rendering

3D Photorealistic images and 3D Architectural Modeling provides a detailed view of a future project, improving communication between developers, engineers, fabricators, architects, and clients. This improved communication can minimize approval time and save cost when used strategically.

The Benefits of 3D Architectural Modeling Include:
  • Gives tangible dimensions to an abstract vision
  • Design alterations can be reflected across the 3D model quickly and effectively
  • Developed prototype designs can be viewed in a variety of applications
  • Project productivity in many cases is accelerated
  • Stakeholders gain a thorough understanding of the project’s interior and exterior
  • Communicates design ideas to clients, committees, and the general public
  • Helps interior designers, furniture designers, and architects coordinate the interior design, exterior, and landscaping

Our use of advanced integrated design platforms incorporating Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology allows APD to integrate design information, construction expertise, equipment requirements, and client-specific knowledge within a single virtual model. By integrating 3D design into our civil engineering, we are able to reduce design effort and conflicts for underground utilities and features, optimize earthwork, and better visualize a design.

All of our projects are built on platforms with full BIM and 3D architectural modeling capabilities. We can provide fully developed building and/or site perspective models for presentations at public meetings and hearings. These can include full simulation of traffic conditions and critical visual perspectives, including fly-by and on-demand perspectives, in both fixed and dynamic conditions.

  • Building Modeling
  • Elevation Renderings
  • Fly-by of interior and exterior
  • Interior Environments
  • Perspective Renderings
  • Presentation Boards for Public Meetings
  • Site Modeling
  • Space Planning
  • Traffic Simulations

Entitlement/Permitting Services


APD has a dedicated Permitting Department that is skilled at obtaining permits for our clients in an efficient and timely manner. Having worked in jurisdictions throughout the United States, APD is familiar with a variety of code issues and municipal requirements.


We have in-house zoning experts who can aid you in getting your property rezoned for the correct use. Rezoning may be required to allow a specific use of the property, such as a residentially zoned property that typically does not allow commercial building construction and would need to be rezoned. Of note, the proposed rezoning must be an extension of an adjacent district and cannot be “spot-zoned.”


Subdivision is the changing of existing lot lines to either combine or separate property. APD’s team can help submit our client's subdivision applications for review.

Site Plan Approval

Site plan approvals are typically required for a project that involves a new or modified building and parking, in which the municipality reviews items such as layout, visual impact, traffic impact, etc. At APD we help our clients get the site planning approvals they need.

Special Use/
Conditional Use Permit

For a Special Use or Conditional Use Permit, APD knows when a proposed use is not permitted by right. We know that the municipality will require an additional evaluation to verify that the use is a good fit for the property, and we work with our clients to get the necessary permits.


Our team here at APD will help you to complete variance applications if applicable. A variance may be required if zoning laws cannot be met for a proposed project (i.e. building setback, number of parking stalls, minimum greenspace, etc.). There are typically (2) types of Variances: a Use Variance (purpose of the land) or an Area Variance (dimensional/physical restrictions).

Other Considerations

Any state or local mandated environmental reviews (i.e. in NYS all projects must be evaluated through the State Environmental Quality Review Act known as SEQRA).

Any state required referrals (i.e. in NYS a project may need to be reviewed by County Planning Board if it meets certain criteria per 239m law).

Any local municipal review boards (Architectural Review Board, Landscaping, etc.)

Fire Escape Inspection Services

Fire Escape Inspections

APD offers fire escape inspections to satisfy required code-compliance and safe operation of fire escape equipment.

The 2015 International Fire Code (adopted by New York State) Section 1104.16.5.1 requires that fire escape inspections be conducted on stairways, balconies and ladders by a registered design professional for structural stability and egress safety every five years (or as required by the local code official). APD will come to the property that you own or manage, document the condition of the fire escape(s), and complete a detailed fire escape inspection report assessing the safety and code compliance of the fire escape(s). APD will then provide this report to both the property owner/manager and appropriate code official(s).

Your Fire Escape Inspection report will indicate one of the following:


All elements observed to be in satisfactory condition and not in need of maintenance or repair at the time of the inspection.

Maintenance Required

Some elements may require minor maintenance. It is presumed that the authority having jurisdiction (fire code official or building inspector) will confirm the completion of noted maintenance without requiring re-inspection by APD.


Elements require specific repairs and re-inspection by the registered design professional.

Pricing for fire escape inspections may vary depending on the size, complexity, type of construction, number of access points, and locations of the fire escape(s) being examined.

Please reach out to APD with any questions, or to schedule your fire escape inspection.
It is important to note that a fire escape inspection may be required in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy as many jurisdictions begin to enforce this section of the International Fire Code.

Don’t put it off, give us a call or send us a message today.

Pre-Inspection Guidelines for Fire Escape Inspections

New York State requires fire escape inspections, and APD wants you to pass! A PASS means that your fire escape is accessible, functional, and in compliance with applicable life safety and building codes. APD can help you throughout the entire process by performing inspections and issuing code-required reports to building inspectors. APD can also design recommended repairs or alternative solutions, recommend contractors, and communicate with the building or fire department on your behalf regarding the status of your fire escape.

To help you pass your first inspection and avoid the cost of follow-up inspections, we compiled this list to assist you and/or your contractor to prepare for a successful inspection.

Please review the following steps to take before scheduling a fire escape inspection:

  • Ensure building occupants can get to, climb/walk down, and move safely away from your fire escape without obstacles. Do not allow plants, furniture and debris to block access.
  • Ensure any and all moving parts (counterweights, ladders, stairs) move freely and are well lubricated. This should be done multiple times per year.
  • Ensure railings are securely attached and do not wobble or bend when pressure is applied.
  • Check that no bolts or other hardware are missing at attachment points to the building.
  • Ensure that all stair treads and stringers are securely attached.
  • All fires escapes must be constructed of non-combustible materials and painted or protected from the elements to prevent rust or corrosion.
  • Surface rust can quickly develop into structural rust, which can be expensive to repair. If you see a lot of surface rust, it is recommended that it be removed and fresh paint applied. Note, painting may be completed after a scheduled inspection, however painting over structural rust without repairing it first may result in a failure upon inspection.

Fire Escape Inspection Request

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