Todd Markevicz


Senior Principal of Civil Engineering

Joined APD in 2002. Became a Principal in 2011.

Mr. Markevicz is a Civil Department Lead who’s experience spans a range of site planning and design, including obtaining municipal and agency approvals, conceptual planning, layouts, grading design, storm drainage design, and sanitary and water layouts and design.

Mr. Markevicz has everyday experience in Project Approvals, including site plans; zoning changes and variances; Corp of Engineers, NYSDEC wetland mitigation & SPDES; Local and State Health Dept.; SEQR (DEIS & FEIS); NYSDOT; utility connections and extensions; and other project specific approvals. Mr. Markevicz coordinates with developers, contractors, agencies, clients, and architectural/engineering disciplines throughout the design and construction phases.

Mr. Markevicz is licensed in multiple states.

Mr. Markevicz enjoys coaching his son’s baseball team. He also enjoys the outdoors – running in the summers and snowboarding in the winters.

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