Michael Hochadel


Managing Principal & Executive Vice President

Joined APD in 2012. Became a Principal in 2019. Became Executive Vice President in 2022.

Mr. Hochadel is a devoted advocate to ever improving quality control at APD. He works to fine-tune procedures and protocol, making improvements when and where he sees the opportunity. He is also interested in employee development, continually providing opportunities that enable staff to advance to their full potential. He is eager to mentor others so that they may obtain the goals they set for themselves.

Mr. Hochadel is the Partner-in-Charge for several of our retail clients, including our work with Shoe Carnival, Ikoniq, and Taco Bell.

An avid golfer, Mr. Hochadel is also interested in movies and music in his spare time.

He is a licensed Architect in multiple states.

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