APD Leadership TEAM

Daniel Sargent


CEO & President

Joined APD in 2005. Became a Principal in 2012. Became President in 2022.

Mr. Sargent has worked on commercial and retail projects for national retailers since 1998. As the driving force behind APD’s Prototypical Building Program Team, he has worked with APD’s clients on countless A/E R&D initiatives to continually pursue construction cost savings while strengthening our client’s brands.

As President at APD, Mr. Sargent is focused on the continued development of APD’s project delivery system including APD’s efficiency, consistency, responsiveness, and automation to deliver well-coordinated projects to our clients. APD’s primary goal is to create success for our clients and employees. We continually evolve our process and take pride in guiding successful future leaders at APD.

In addition to his proficiency as a prototype guru, his experience includes design, project management, code review, production, quality control, and construction field inspection. His responsibilities as a Project Manager include architectural design and project management for various commercial, industrial, and retail developments.

Mr. Sargent leads the programs for many of our clients such as ALDI Inc. and Burger King.

Mr. Sargent is a licensed Architect in multiple states.

Dan enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, skiing, and perfecting barbecue recipes.

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