Nick Spaziani: Senior Project Lead

APD Leadership TEAM

Nick Spaziani

Senior Project Lead

Nick Spaziani is a Senior Project Lead at APD, with a passion for problem-solving, particularly in the realm of transforming clients’ visions into tangible realities. He finds great satisfaction in witnessing his project’s construction progress and understanding the immense effort that goes into making it all happen. Each project brings new knowledge and insights, which Nick incorporates to improve his work.

Appreciative of APD’s culture, Nick thrives in the diverse mix of individuals he collaborates with daily. Each person brings unique expertise and perspectives to the table. This rich tapestry of knowledge creates a stimulating and dynamic work environment that Nick finds fulfilling.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Nick treasures spending quality time with his wife and their two dogs, Pepper and Tony, and two cats, Cleo and Mia. As a devoted fan, he passionately supports the Atlanta Braves and the Buffalo Bills and enjoys watching sports and attending live games. Being based in Rochester, he takes full advantage of the city’s culinary scene, exploring the variety of food and drink options available – his favorite being Fifth Frame Brewing Co.

Nick’s love for travel, and his work, takes him across the country. Some of his favorite destinations include Atlanta, Dallas, and San Antonio.

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