Vanessa Banks

Project Lead

Vanessa Banks, Project Lead in Architecture, designs ALDI Grocery Stores in Upstate NY and Georgia. She thrives in the fast-paced nature of her role, where she handles multiple projects simultaneously, often each is in a different stage of the design process. What Vanessa loves most are her clients and the diverse range of projects she works on. Designing an ALDI store in Buffalo, NY is a distinct experience from designing one in Atlanta, GA. Her clients have played a crucial role in her professional growth, allowing her to gain exposure to every aspect of the design and construction process.

The Tully Division has granted her hands-on experience with various aspects of construction, while Jefferson Division has exposed her to planning board applications, design review board meetings, zoning ordinances, and tailoring store designs to meet jurisdictional requirements.

Vanessa says, “The culture at APD is unbeatable.” This has allowed her to build strong friendships with colleagues, contributing to her personal growth. Her supervisor is supportive, helping her advance in her career and fostering her love for the industry.

Outside work, Vanessa thrives spending time with her husband and her pets – Bugsie the Rabbit and Gunner the Silver Lab. She enjoys visiting wineries and indulging in her love for discovering new flavors. Vanessa’s affinity for Legos and collecting fun toys, figurines, and trinkets along with exploring adventures, are experiences she shares with her husband. They also enjoy attending concerts, comedy shows, festivals, fairs, and trying out new restaurants and cuisines.

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