Tim Warren

Senior Project Designer

Timothy Warren, Senior Project Designer, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to APD that enhances the projects he works on. What truly invigorates him in his role is the challenge of problem-solving for clients, where he can apply his creative thinking and technical expertise to provide just-right solutions. He takes great pride in delivering meticulous technical detailing for drawings and establishing workflows that enhance efficiency and creativity.

Tim finds that his colleagues inspire him to push beyond the boundaries of the status quo. With a shared commitment to improvement, they collectively strive to find ground-breaking solutions for design challenges. Tim thrives in this environment, always seeking innovative approaches to elevate the quality of his designs.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Tim’s passion for woodworking takes center stage as he loves the technical aspect of creating beautiful projects. This well-rounded skill set and unwavering dedication make Tim an invaluable member of the APD team.

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