APD Engineering & Architecture, PLLC is thrilled to announce the grand opening of our 2,800 SF Burger King, intricately designed in the iconic Burger King ‘Garden Grill’ style!

Built on innovation, the structure boasts a rock-solid foundation with a cutting-edge Rammed Aggregate Pier (RAP) system, ensuring stability and longevity. Overcoming the challenge of the sloping site, the grade was artfully raised and leveled, crowned by a stunning retaining wall wrapping around the front and sides, seamlessly integrating nature into the architectural narrative. Join us in celebrating the fusion of fast-food chic and timeless design, where every detail tells a story of form meeting function!

Huge shout out to Michael Verrastro, RA, NCARB, CSI, CDT, who was the APD Engineering & Architecture, PLLC lead on this project. Special thanks to Nick Boyle and the Ampler team!


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