Blitz Week With Ontario County Habitat for Humanity

Ontario County Habitat for Humanity is a fully autonomous, non-profit, tax-exempt organization which is responsible for its own fundraising. Habitat volunteers work in partnership with responsible low-income families to construct inexpensive but sturdy homes. The families then purchase the homes on a no-profit, no-interest basis. Building sites are donated to or purchased by Habitat.

APD has a relationship with Ontario County Habitat that goes back many years. Not only does APD design energy-efficient homes for Habitat, APD has also worked on Habitat’s ReStore location in Canandaigua, and staff attends Blitz Week for new home builds. Blitz Week is the initial push to get a house framed out and requires lots of hands to get the walls erected in one week.

APD is proud of their association with Habitat for Humanity.

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