Challenging Design in Philadelphia, PA

The Fairmount ALDI in Philadelphia, PA presented APD Engineering & Architecture, PLLC’s designers with many challenges to overcome, from navigating the design of a tenant fit-out for a building that had not yet been constructed to incorporating two structural systems.
APD Engineering & Architecture, PLLC’s architects adapted the design to accommodate the changing superstructure and worked closely with ALDI to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, parameters for graphics, glazing, and building transparency (due to the project’s prominent location near a historic hotel) were addressed. APD Engineering & Architecture, PLLC incorporated two structural systems to accommodate the ALDI space, partially underneath a second-story retail tenant and a second-story parking structure. APD Engineering & Architecture, PLLC responded quickly to construction conflicts and made on-the-fly changes to keep the project moving forward.
The pride we take in our partnership with ALDI drives the successes we achieve through our collaborative projects. This strong relationship, built on trust and communication, is the fundamental element that enables us to execute projects with excellence.
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