APD offers fire escape inspections to satisfy required code-compliance and safe operation of fire escape equipment. The 2015 International Fire Code (adopted by New York State) Section 1104.16.5.1 requires that fire escape inspections be conducted on stairways, balconies and ladders by a registered design professional for structural stability and egress safety every five years (or as required by the local code official). APD will come to the property that you own or manage, document the condition of the fire escape(s), and complete a detailed fire escape inspection report assessing the safety and code compliance of the fire escape(s). APD will then provide this report to both the property owner/manager and appropriate code official(s).

Your Fire Escape Inspection report will indicate one of the following:


All elements observed to be in satisfactory condition and not in need of maintenance or repair at the time of the inspection.

Maintenance Required

Some elements may require maintenance that is minor in nature and anticipates that the Authority Having Jurisdiction (fire code official or building inspector) will confirm the completion of noted maintenance without requiring re-inspection by APD.


Elements require specific repairs and re-inspection by the registered design professional.

Pricing for fire escape inspections may vary depending on the size, complexity, type of construction, number of access points, and locations of the fire escape(s) being examined.

Please reach out to APD with any questions, or to schedule your fire escape inspection.
It is important to note that a fire escape inspection may be required in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy as many jurisdictions begin to enforce this section of the International Fire Code.

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